The Pick of the Litter Society fosters kittens referred to us by several local veterinarians and from as far away as Sydney and Digby. Our youngest orphans were from a c-section delivery. They give so much more to those of us who foster them than we could ever hope to give to them. We have been rescuing these bottle babies since 2003 as a registered organization.

We have dealt with situations such as malnutrition, abuse, feline upper respiratory disease, feline panleucopenia (distemper in cats) which in kittens is fatal, feline leukemia (it is very important to have your kitten tested), failing kitten syndrome as well as coccidia, just to mention a few.

Our goal is to rescue orphaned kittens and provide them with safe shelter, proper nutrition, medical care, lots of TLC and finally lovingly adoptive families.


  • Volunteers help with various tasks such as:
    • Rides to the vet
    • Pick up and drop off of kittens and / or supplies
    • Kitten cuddling
    • Fundraising
    • Some administrative work
    • Education


Informing the general public about the importance of having their pets spayed and neutered is our greatest wish and of the utmost importance. Taking responsibility for the animals we take into our families is the most important message we would like to get across to everyone. Most people never see the sad and devastating part of a litter of kittens from a stray unspayed mother cat. Many of these helpless little morsels still die despite all our efforts and loving care. Allowing a female cat to have just one litter before having her spayed is not necessary. There are always too many unwanted kittens available. If you are a responsible pet owner and have had your pets spayed/neutered then please pass on this wish to one other person. Thank you for your help in this mission.

In September of last year we spent an evening with a Brownie Group. We were there to educate the kids and the parents about general pet health care. It is never too early to educate our children on being responsible pet owners.

We will be participating at the Bluenose Cat Club Cat Show on April 11 th, 2009 at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. We will be there to educate the public on the importance of regular pet health care and spaying/neutering their pets.


Every kitten that comes into our care has a great veterinary team available for its needs at the Vetcetera Animal Hospital in Bedford. Our kittens are provided with excellent care by Dr. Emma Raghavan and her wonderful and qualified team. Before being available for adoption our babies are dewormed, treated for fleas, feline leukemia tested, vaccinated and examined from the tip of their whiskers to the tip of their tails. Thank you from all our furry orphans.


If you are interested in adopting one or more of our babies please send us an email with your specific request or call and we can chat about the process and the current availability of kittens.

The kittens currently in our Gallery are kittens of previous years. If you are interested in adopting from us, we can arrange to email you pictures of the kittens that are currently available for adoption.


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